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Pay for Gold :D

Post  RM Lucky7 on Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:31 pm

Q - What is a Gold Member?
A - Someone that has paid account on the site

Q - How do I become a Gold Member?
A - Send $5 as a gift to and leave Website username in note.

Q - Why should I become a Gold member?
A - There are many reasons. One, you are helping us maintain the site, get upgrades when needed, and hopefully we can start giving out cash prizes when we have everything paid for and money left over so you would have a chance to win your money back.

Q - What is in the Gold forums?
A - We have many people helping out in the gold forums. A few of the things we have in there right now are invites to beta programs, invites to private torrent sites, and information that should not be released to the unpaid public.

Another advantage is another secret forum, Projects. There we explain what we have planned for the site and we ask for gold members input. We try to make the site for the members and we feel that the members that help the site out the most should have a vote in what we do.

Q - Are there any other advantages?

Access to hidden forums
Access to hidden downloads
Gold username on forums with badge
Access to gold members shoutbox
Request a download
Change your username
1st to test new site areas
Access to 500 Free downloads
Fast site speed
Access to modding tools and how to's
Profile rank
nag bar removed from profiles
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